Ponyride EP

by Pretty Pretty Pony

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released October 12, 2014

This EP was recorded, mixed & mastered by Carl Bodenstein
in his own private studio in the Wachau valley in lower Austria.
Made by using only pure analog devices*
Contact through: c.bodenstein@posteo.de



all rights reserved


Pretty Pretty Pony Vienna, Austria

We are from Vienna Austria.
Consuelo del Campo (drums)
Miki Rosenberg (bass & synthies)
Adam Cohen (guitar & vocals).

This is our new EP enjoy!

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Track Name: Zombie Aloha

I want to be where the sun meets the sky, where the sky meets the land and the land meets the ocean.

And like the sun I go sleep in the sea.
For the last time around here I am here with me.

Old Jolly Rogers is waving again.
Out on the distance my zombie friend.
A bottle of rum steers the boat up and down.
A gun made of silver starts dancing around.

Ha, out on the ocean.
A blue liquid potion that god brewed for me.
Ha, to live of the ocean, so many treasures and all is for free.

I’m made from the earth but I belong in the water!
I leave out the earth cause I belong in the water!
But made from the earth…
Malo navigare navalis Omni o vita.
Track Name: Wild Intellectual

Hey boy take a ride, don’t you know you’re going to make the other side.
There is no reason to be right. Ether, made you won’t forget.
Oh my only lonely head braking me down in the upper bed.
On the run or on the hide.
Don’t you ever… don’t you ever!

He’s my electric toy.
His eyes select me boy.

Hey boy you are making me ride… make me slide on the other side of things.
I am floating on thin air; just keep rolling with that snare.
In love is all we know it’s the only way we go so don’t you let go.
On the ride, on the hide it’s me and you so let me know.

He’s a pretty boy, he’s wild intellectual.
He’s wild intellectual, his eyes select me.
It’s electrical; he’s a pretty pretty pony.
Track Name: The Oasis

I am the ancient dream solitaire and all a la la la la… chasing gone and went.
I am the desert wind that comes…
From the Nile drifting westwards I can hear my home.

I reach the edges of my dream a desert, a valley, a castle in the breeze.

I am Arabian… well at least sometimes…
I am a roaring desert storm. I thought you should know.
And where was I when you left to? People come and go too.
I want to see the island… and the oasis.
Camels stray around this desert caravan.
Oh when would I find my love?
Bring me the sultan!.
As lonely as your garden.
Bead counting kings of Arabia in Islamabad...
Track Name: Cremeschnitt

I was looking everywhere for the sunlight of your hair.
No light is found, just an empty head.
It hits me everywhere; I hate your fucking ponytail.
You lost your ground; you may have just lost your head.

I was walking everywhere pulling my hair just to let go.
I was running down the stairs, there’s something about me she will never know.

He was now reborn to take her home.
She spent years alone a longing bird.
After million years of living he recalls, she recalls.
It’s their time amongst the living… dead.